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Review and Representation


The Ombudsman now has the power to review his decision under Section 13 of the Federal Ombudsmen Institutional Reforms Act, 2013:



1.     The Ombudsman shall have the power to review any findings, recommendations, order or decision on a review petition made by an aggrieved party within thirty days of the findings, recommendations, order or decision.

2.     The Ombudsman shall decide the review petition within forty five days.

3.     In review, the Ombudsman may alter, modify, amend or recall the recommendation, order or decision.

Instead of the appeal which lay to the Governor of the State Bank under Section 82E(4) of the Banking Companies Ordinance, Section 14 of the Federal Ombudsmen Institutional Reforms Act provides for a Representation to be made to the President in the following terms:



1.     Any person or party aggrieved by a decision, order, findings or recommendations of an Ombudsman may file representation to the President within thirty days of the decision, order, findings or recommendations.

2.     The operation of the impugned order, decision, findings or recommendation shall remain suspended for period of sixty days, if the representation is made as per sub-Section (1).

3.     The representation shall be addressed directly to the President and not through any Ministry, Division or Department. 

4.     The representation shall be processed in the office of the President by a person who had been or is qualified to be a judge of the Supreme Court or has been Wafaqi Mohtasib or Federal Tax Ombudsman.

5.     The representation shall be decided within ninety days.


Additionally by Section 10 of the Act, the Banking Ombudsman has been conferred with the powers of a Civil Court in the grant of temporary injunctions and also for implementation of his recommendations, orders, or decisions