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Banking Mohtasib Calls On SBP GovernorThe Banking Mohtasib Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Kamran Shehzad called on the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Mr. Jameel Ahmad at Governor’s office in Karachi today (24th February, 2023). He was accompanied by the Senior Advisor, BMP, Mr. Farhat Saeed.Mr. Kamran Shehzad Holds Hearings at Newly Setup Faisalabad Office Mr. Muhammad Kamran Shehzad, Banking Mohtasib Pakistan held hearings of public complaints against commercial banks at the newly set up BMP, Regional Office at Faisalabad for continuous three days from 19th to 21st December, 2022. The hearings were held in the presence of the Complainants and the officials of concerned banks. .Banking Mohtasib Holds Five – Day Hearings At Lahore With a view to facilitate banking customers and to resolve their grievances at their door step, the Banking Mohtasib Pakistan (BMP), holds hearings of complaints against commercial banks at all its Regional Offices. . More...Inauguration of Banking Mohtasib's Regional Office at Faisalabad A new Regional Office Banking Mohtasib Pakistan (BMP) has been inaugurated at SBP BSC, Faisalabad premises today (30th November, 2022). . More...Hearing at Multan Office The Banking Mohtasib Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Kamran Shehzad holds hearings of the complaints against banks at different Regional Offices, Multan. . More... President of Pakistan President rejects six representations against the orders of Banking Mohtasib Pakistan. More...  151.55 Million Rupees Relief to Banking Customers  Banking Mohtasib Pakistanhas provided monetary relief amounting to Rs 151.55 million to the banking customers by disposing of 6169 complaints.More...  Press Release Banking Mohtasib Pakistan latest Press Release available on the website. More...    Quarterly Newsletter Banking Mohtasib Pakistan Quarterly (July-September 2022) Newsletter available on the website. More...   Annual Report 2021 Banking Mohtasib Pakistan Annual Report 2021 is available on the website. More...


To resolve all disputes amicably through an informal and friendly process of reconciliation rather than a formal adversarial procedure. We cannot take sides.

Mission Statement

As an independent statutory body established to resolve disputes between consumers and banks, it has been our commitment to deliver free of cost, speedy solutions for all disputes referred to us, in a manner that is impartial, fair and equitable to all parties.

Core Values

We function as a closely-knit team and take collective responsibility for individual decision-making. We have full ownership of our Core Values and firmly believe that by abiding these values, both in our professional and personal lives, we can make a difference.


We receive a large number of disputes daily. We use a practical and rational approach to find fair and amicable outcomes in a manner that is informal and speedy.


Disputes, howsoever petty, cause unnecessary pain and stress. We analyze each dispute with an open mind and if necessary listen to parties concerned, patiently and sympathetically, so as to find a practical and equitable solution.


We believe that most disputes can be resolved in a friendly and amicable manner. We do not allow rigidity to dictate the dispute resolution process. Instead, we endeavor to create an environment where all concerned are encouraged to be reasonable and conciliatory.


We treat all those we meet with respect, courtesy and compassion because only by doing so we gain their confidence and trust.


We are neither consumer champions nor advocates. Neutrality and openness underpin our deliberations. Our service is free of charge. We respect confidentiality in all disputes and institute a process of conciliation that is acceptable to both parties. Decisions taken by us are consistent, clear and balanced so that any rational mind can appreciate the reasoning behind our findings